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2D Particle Effects in XNA (Example)
http://davidjsushil.com/images/xnaparticle.pngA sample solution for creating a smoke particle effect in XNA Game Studio 3.1. This example can be adapted to create other effects such as explosions, sparks, water, etc.
Building a Flight Sim in XNA (Example)
http://www.davidjsushil.com/images/flightsim1.pngThis example demonstrates how to build a simple flight simulator using Microsoft XNA Game Studio 3.1.  Functionality includes thrusters, pitch, roll, and yaw, a chase camera, terrain, and a flight ceiling and floor.  9.8 MB total size.
World Building with Multiverse (Tutorial)
http://www.davidjsushil.com/images/worldbuilding.pngA five page, .PDF document that addresses some of the basic functionality of Multiverse's Terrain Generator and World Editor development tools, including how to build terrain, add assets, and build roads.
Simple AI in the Torque Game Engine (Tutorial)
http://www.davidjsushil.com/images/ai.pngA six page .PDF document on simple AI scripting in the Torque Game Engine.  Full scripting samples, featuring three game-ready AI styles - grunt, sniper, and berserker.
Detailing Your Environment Textures (Tutorial)
http://davidjsushil.com/images/details.pngA two page tutorial on how to add more realism to your environment textures in Torque. File available in .PDF format.
Playing Sounds with the Windows API and C# (Tutorial)
http://www.davidjsushil.com/images/sounds.pngThis simple, three page .PDF tutorial explains how to play sounds in C# using winmm.dll.
Creating Custom Assets for Multiverse (Tutorial)
http://davidjsushil.com/images/grandfatherclock.pngThis tutorial addresses how to create custom models for use in the Multiverse MMO environment. Five pages in .PDF format.
Creating Doors in Torque (Tutorial)
http://www.davidjsushil.com/images/doorpic.pngThis tutorial covers the creation of working doors in Torque.  Included are instructions for creating the door model and animations, as well as code for triggered events.  Six pages in .PDF format.
Animating Characters in Torque (Tutorial)
http://www.davidjsushil.com/images/scuttlebot.pngThis 12 page tutorial covers the basics of creating, animating, and exporting character models from 3D Studio Max to the Torque Game Engine. Includes step-by-step instructions on creating a basic four-legged robot with a walk cycle and idle animation.
Sound Effects in Torque (Tutorial)
http://www.davidjsushil.com/images/sounds.pngThis tutorial addresses how to setup and execute sound effects in the Torque Game Engine. Four pages, .PDF format.
Exploding Barrel (Example)
http://www.davidjsushil.com/images/explosion.pngAn example of how to explode an asset in the Torque Game Engine. This compressed zip file contains the original 3D Studio Max 8 file with animation, as well as all the code to execute the explosion in-game. Also includes custom particle effects and sounds, for those interested.
Sci-Fi Teleporter (Example)
http://www.davidjsushil.com/images/transporter.pngA 2298 polygon sci-fi teleporter, with custom UV wrapped textures and the code to execute transportation between two locations in Torque. This file would be helpful for practicing triggers and manipulating object transformations.
Controlling Events with Triggers in Torque (Tutorial)
http://www.davidjsushil.com/images/triggers.pngThis tutorial addresses the use of triggers in the Torque Game Engine. It uses simple functions to demonstrate onEnterTrigger and onLeaveTrigger events, as well as techniques for controlling shape animation. Four pages total, in PDF format.
Particle Effects in Torque (Tutorial)
http://www.davidjsushil.com/images/particle_effects.pngThis tutorial addresses some of the basic functionality in the Torque Game Engine for creating particle effects. It covers basic setup techniques for particles and emitters, animating particles, moving emitters, and writing the code to add particle effects to an existing mission. Seven pages total in PDF format.
Animated Blast Door (Example)
http://www.davidjsushil.com/images/blast-door.pngA 261 polygon animated blast door, with rotating gear detail and custom UV wrapped textures. Zipped file contains the original 3D Studio Max file, all textures, and the code to make it work properly with Torque. These files are intended as a reference for those wanting to familiarize themselves with trigger-based animation in Torque.
Computer (Example)
http://www.davidjsushil.com/images/computer.pngAn 87 polygon classic PC, with the OGD website loaded and ready for surfing. Included are the original 3D Studio Max file, textures, and the Torque-ready DTS file. These files are intended to be a reference for those wishing to familiarize themselves with how to model assets in 3D Studio Max for use with Torque.
Animated Electric Fan (Example)
http://www.davidjsushil.com/images/low-poly-fan.pngA Torque-ready, low-poly, 1950's era electric fan, consisting of 422 total polygons, and 1 animation sequence. Modeled in 3D Studio Max. Contains original model, textures, Torque DTS file, and code to execute the animation. These files are intended as a reference for those wanting to familiarize themselves with how to animate an object in Torque using 3D Studio Max.
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