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A Torque Game Engine Primer
As my students have known for some time now, I've been maintaining a volume of reference material for the Torque Game Engine known as A Torque Game Engine Primer.  It began as a series of barebones outlines to supplement lab activies for my Game and Simulation Programming students at DeVry University.  It quickly became a personal exercise in writing, and has collected over sixty pages worth of information as of this entry.  Printed and bound copies have been distributed at our Orlando campus, and by representatives of GarageGames at GDC earlier this year.  For the first time publicly, I'd like to make it available for download via this site.  

This Primer is intended to be a series of pithy tutorials geared towards students.  The purpose has always been to present only the most necessary information to get users on their feet and pointed in the right direction.  It is not meant to be a total solution - there are already good books written on the Torque Game Engine, and of course GarageGames maintains their Torque Developers Network.  It is, however, meant to be easy to follow and a supplement to good instruction.

As newer versions of the Primer are completed, I will upload them, but the link will remain the same - so bookmark it!  You may distribute the Primer AS IS, charging NO MORE than the cost of printing.  If you have any questions, ideas for topics, or corrections, please e-mail me at davidjsushil@gmail.com.

A List of Current Topics (April 14th, 2008):
Importing Assets from 3D Studio Max
Animating Objects in Torque
Creating Triggers in Torque
Binding Keys in Torque with ActionMap
Particle Effects in Torque
Detailing Your Environment Textures
Playing Sounds
Animating Characters in Torque
Creating Doors in Torque
Baking Textures for Greater Realism
Simple AI in the Torque Game Engine
Modeling Torque Interiors with 3D Studio Max

Download: A Torque Game Engine Primer
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