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Scale the tower, avoid the traps, steal the treasure, and win the heart of the princess. Who would have thought a day’s work could be this much fun? The Thieving Tower is a stylish, physics-based game by award-winning designer David J. Sushil (Vanessa Saint-Pierre Delacroix). Brought to life with a striking art style, this unique platform game will delight and challenge the casual player. Compete with friend and foe alike for a spot on the High Score List, or test your pilfering prowess in a Ghost Race against the best thieves in the world. Earn Achievements by capturing rare and unique items, and avoid a variety of diabolically clever Traps.
• Official Selection, Boston Indie Showcase, PAX East, 2012
Hesperides Pilcrus, a curious diurnal species. Small groups, or concerts, reportedly dwell in the more accessible woodlands of the Pacific Northwest. Of note to the interested crypto-naturalist is the way in which all Pilcri behave in unison. What an individual does, the whole group will do. Working collectively, a concert of Pilcri are rumored to have escaped the well-secured laboratory of one Dr. F. W. Nervoso. Of course, Hesperides Pilcrus being an imaginary species, no evidence of this event actually exists. Except, as you might have guessed, for this game.
• Official Selection (PAX 10), 2011 Penny Arcade Expo
• Professional Finalist, 2011 Indie Game Challenge
• Winner, Best Design, IndiePub's 3rd Independent Developers Contest
Vanessa Saint-Pierre Delacroix & Her Nightmare is a 2D platform game mapped to a 3D cube.   Players control Vanessa, a young girl with a penchant for puzzles.   One day, while exploring her father's antique shop, she discovers a mysterious, mechanical box.   The device magically sucks Vanessa and her world inside.   Now, Vanessa must use her considerable puzzle-solving skills to twist and turn her way to freedom, in this exciting Mario-meets-Rubik's-Cube game, available for PC, iOS, and Windows Phone 7!
"This is a great, great game. If you’ve any love for puzzle games, you owe it to yourself to get this game." - Best WP7 Games
"Magnificent presentation. A solid implementation of intriguing game play." - indiePub
"An exceptionally unique puzzle game. One of the best I have played. 9/10" - The Astringent Gaming Journal
"Unusual and intriguing. [Vanessa] quite frankly had my vote for best overall game." - The Game Reviews
"The quality of presentation in this game was high, much better than many IGF entries I've seen this year..." - Independent Games Festival Judge, 2010
As night falls over Bahiá de los Muertos, the rogue scientist Calypso DaVinci is frantically putting the finishing touches on his latest invention - the Torpedo Slingshot.  And thankfully for mankind, his device is in working order not a moment too soon!  For somewhere in the depths of the bay, a Horde of Zombie Snails is about to attack.  Now, the only thing standing between us and slow, slippery annihilation is a crazy old man and his greatest achievement.

Snail Shot Torpedo is a casual defense game.  Players control DaVinci's slingshot, lobbing torpedoes at incoming waves of zombie snails.  Battle through sixteen epic levels!  Encounter six diabolical snail variations and four huge bosses!  Defeat the evil lurking at the bottom of the bay, and save your island home from destruction!
"Ok, so Snail Shot Torpedo is a little odd, but it's also a good amount of fun." - gaygamer.net
"Good concept, nicely presented..." - xnPlay
"Snail Shot Torpedo sets a new twist on the Zombie game theme..." - Emuholic's Game Blog
"Canada Hunt is a fully three-dimensional hunting simulation game. More realistic than any other hunting game, it features lifelike animals in their natural environments. Takes you through specialized training and bonus features that players of all levels - from the beginner to the most hard core hunter - will enjoy. Includes ultra-realistic: Whitetail Deer, Rocky Mountain Elk, Wild Turkeys, and Critter Cam." - Amazon
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3rd place winner in the TeamZoneSports Silverlight game competition!
Welcome, applicant, to John Brummel University, the world’s finest institution for Neo-Victorian studies!  Before we accept you, we must test your proficiency with a blunderbuss.  During orientation, you will compete in three heart-pounding events.  In the process, you’ll experience a tour of the grounds, and share in our rich and storied history!  Although we’ve been criticized as being ethically aloof, you’ll find that a full 70% of our students survive their freshman year with all limbs intact.
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"...More complicated than good ol' Tetris, but Orbles still carries the addictive nature of most great puzzlers." - Ivan Velez, The Indie
What's an Orble?  Ask any hardcore Orbles player what their favorite game is all about, and you're likely to hear something like this: "You have to arrange all these pieces as they fall, but each piece is different, so it gets really interesting. And there's bombs and slammers and frogs and music and weird, weird bonuses. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to take my medicine now." Nickelpig Media's first game, a PC puzzler called Orbles, is difficult to describe. Think Tetris meets Mahjong, with a dash of psychodelia. Intrigued? Download the full version of Orbles for free!
· Rated 5/5 by BrotherSoft.com
· Rated 5/5 by TuCows.com

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